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  • Door-to-doorThe packed goods picked up from the home of the customer will be delivered to the home at the destination, and corresponding restoration services are available as well
  • Door-to-portPacked goods picked up from home of the customer will be delivered to the port of destination via ocean shipment, and the customer needs to arrange customs clearance and pick-up of goods
  • Groupage servicesConsolidate the goods of customers with one same destination into one container, and arrange distribution and restoration of goods at the destination
If be marble face or vitreous face type table, need after disassembling mesa and table pack respectively, avoid mesa because of the vibration when transporting and produce damaged...
Backrest type eat chair can reveal backrest when packaging, facilitate up and down to put to save space; Armrest type eat chair needs to close packing, avoid armrest because of extruding and fracture...
Attention should be paid to the foot when the sofa is packed, if the foot is more detailed rules need to be removed after packing, or with single and multi-layer wrapped with pearl cotton, avoid the risk of foot piercing the carton...
The cabinet with protruding handle shall be removed and then packaged to avoid knock and damage caused by protruding; Glass laminate type ambry, need to pack laminate alone...
The base of the TV set shall be separately packed after disassembly of the screen to avoid damage to the joint caused by shaking; The screen should be protected by a layer of cardboard...
Refrigerator packaging should be a day ahead of the power, to avoid freezing and melting after wet carton; During handling, the tilt shall not exceed 45 degrees to avoid damage to the compressor...
The drum washing machine needs the original factory screw to fix the drum before packaging, to avoid the drum shaking in transit, and cause damage to the washing machine shell...
The support frame should be disassembled before the large speaker is packaged separately, and it should be fully shockproof to avoid damage to the connecting parts caused by vibration during transportation...
Valuable and can not be folded clothes can be put into the hanging suitcase suspension, small clothes and luggage, can be folded into a large box, before sealing can put bag desiccant moisture...
The CD can be packed into hailong CD box, which is a carton designed by hailong international according to the conventional size of CD. Before packing, the CD should be put into a special box or CD package...
You can choose the same type of books to put in a box, and make notes in the box mark, so that workers can arrange the room according to the notes at the destination...
When the arts and crafts are packed, they should be packed with shockproof treatment, fragile and fragile or valuable arts and crafts...
The cutlery box is specially designed and customized for hailong international combined with family routine cutlery specifications. It has the characteristics of hygiene, environmental protection and safety...
Oil painting packaging needs oil paper to make the bottom, and do a good job fully shockproof, transport need to be upright, to avoid direct pressure caused by other items damaged...
Pianos are heavy and easily damaged. After packing, wooden boxes with pallets should be made as soon as possible and forklift trucks should be used to avoid accidents caused by manual handling...
Marble table is very fragile goods, need to be in the packaging after the completion of custom wooden case, and fully filled the wooden case, to avoid transportation is shaking and caused by fracture...